How about Your Blackjack Bust?

The famous Blackjack game, and the subject of the numerous card counting movies, stories and hushed whispers, has been around since the birth of de Cervantes ‘Don Quixote’ in 1605. The classic card game follows one simple rule which is to beat the dealer by getting 21 points or closest to the number without exceeding it, before he does. Players are dealt a hand of 2 each time, and add up the values of the cards accordingly. 2-10 are taken at face value, the Ace is a special that can represent 1 or 10 and the Jack, Queen and King stand for 10 points. The best hand one can get, also known as the natural is a 10-point card and an Ace. After being dealt 2 cards, players act, that is they may choose to stand (keep the given hand), hit (take more cards one at a time) or bust (getting over 21, thus loosing). Blackjack also has several side rules that players can take advantage of should they wish. These can only be used immediately after the deal and just once. The most widely used are: Insurance – if the dealers face up card is an ace, players bet on whether his hand is a Blackjack, the insurance cancels out the likely loss of bet, giving the chance to break even. Splitting – when getting two cards of the same value, the hand can be split in two and the dealer deals two additional cards and players play on two hands. Doubling down – doubling the original bet if the chance of a win is certain. Surrender – where players can choose to give up when being dealt a bad hand, and reclaim half their bet. For those of you who want to increase your chances of making more money while playing Blackjack click here. Ultimately, this bankers favorite is very much a game of chance, but can also become very interesting if the decks are not shuffled regularly, and players keep track of the cards played.