Not Just About the Poker Face

Although poker is by far the most popularized casino game, there is more to the gaming house than that! In fact, Casinos offer a much wider array of tantalizing and delightful amusements, games and tourneys that can be equally, or even more, thrilling. Roulette, translating to little wheel in French, originates in the 18th Century and has an interesting history. Ultimately, the most basic set up comprises of a large wheel marked with red and black numerals, a spinning top which the dealer would spin, a ball, and a table denoting the numerals where players would place their bets. Players can bet on a single number, a range, the color black or red, odd or even numbers. Largely a game of chance, Roulette is a very adrenaline fueled game. It does however help to know the odds and the different betting options, as payouts are based on probability. Will the wheel of fortune be in your favor? Online casinos have become a big business and slots, archaically known as fruit machines, are to casinos what Pacman is to arcade games. These timeless classics have been around since the early 1900. Being essentially fully automated machines and single player at that, they were quick to gain popularity in the gambling halls. The ‘one-armed-bandits’ are operated very simply, that is by players inserting coins into the slot and turning it on with a tug of the leaver. Now slots are online, like these and most modern slot machines and video slots have introduced numerous pay lines which can be activated or deactivated per preference, allow players to set coin and bet values, as well as introducing some snazzy bonus features such as bonus games, jackpots or free spins. Last, but not least, the best part is that slots now come in so many more versatile themes than the tired old fruit box. These days they are fantasy-verses of their own, transporting you into a whole new world of gaming.