The Top Five Online Casino Games Today

Online casinos have literary taken over the gaming world today. A few decades ago, land casinos were the playgrounds for the affluent in society and only an exclusive few could access them. Today, with the onset of technology and the Internet, everyone has access to thousands of casino games. From slots to card games, anyone who has access can play their favourite game. Here is a list of some favourites:SlotsThis is one of the most famous and most popular. The game involves spinning a number of wheels, looking to get a winning combination. Slots have 3-, 5-, or 7-reel wheels that display several symbols.RouletteThis is also another prominent game and symbolic of the casino. It involves a large wheel with several numbers on it. A player is supposed guess the right combination of numbers on a spinning wheel. The roulette types are divided into the European, French, Russian and American. The rules are regulated depending on the game.KenoThis game works like the lottery. It is easy to learn and play. It resembles bingo in that it involves picking numbers. The player picks some numbers and then waits for the casino to make a draw. The winner is the one with the correct combination of drawn numbers.CrapsIt involves rolling dice, also called ‘bones’. It involves rolling a pair of dice across a table, the win dependent on which marks are seen face up.Sic BoThis is an Asian game where you roll three dice on the betting board and you predict the exact numbers the dice will show. Every bet provides a different amount of payout. The game is easy in person, and even easier online.