Your position at the Poker table is crucial. Here’s why!

You might not think it, but where you are positioned on a poker table is actually quite important. Here, we briefly explain why, and what the most/least advantageous positions are.The dealer has the most advantageous position and every other position is relative to the dealer’s. With each passing round, the dealer button moves clockwise around the table, and the other positions change with it. The dealer is the last player to act and, therefore, they have the advantage of seeing what other players have done before they make their decision. In other words, you can judge how confident they are by how they bid their hands.The two positions to the left of the dealer (small and big blinds) must bet regardless of the cards they have. Therefore, these are probably the least favorable positions to be in. The small blind usually stakes half of the full bet, but if their hand is poor, they can fold on their next time to limit their losses. The big blind has to stake a full bet. However, if you love to bluff, these are great positions to be in, as a big raise might scare others into folding.