How to Be Prepared For a Big Poker Tournament

It’s actually very easy to lose money in a poker tournament. That is exactly why many people lose money in these games. If you have managed to get an invite to play or a buy-in for a poker event, there are certain dos and don’ts that separate the winners from the cannon fodder.

Have the Money

Yes. Have more money than you are playing for. Tournaments impose massive pressure by themselves, so you do not need the pressure of knowing that your ability to pay bills depends on winning one specific tournament. Do not buy in with money you cannot afford to lose. That’s just the truth.

Be Prepared For Long Hours

Sometimes poker is an endurance game. Who has the mental fortitude to keep going when others are dropping their mental guard? Your mind is your weapon. Endeavour to stay sharp and comfortable. An easy way is to dress in layers. That way you will stay warmer if it’s cold, or shed some clothes when it gets warm. The other way to stay prepared for long tournaments is avoiding bathroom breaks. Limit your intake of liquids, especially cocktails that loosen up your mind. It’s advisable that you get to the venue early and go to the bathroom. That way, you won’t have to keep breaking because that can kill your concentration.

Provision for Your Cravings

If you like to chew, carry gum. If you like to fidget, have your little fidget tool with you. If you’re a smoker, have a substitute with you. These are especially useful where venues do not allow for people to smoke at the table. Make sure that you stay sharp. It’s all about having a settled mind and rational approach.With adequate preparation, you’ll be well on the road to success, and who knows, you could be the next poker star.